We had a great ride.
Thank you for joining us in trying to create a better place
for artists to grow and earn online. It's been great, but the time to move on has finally come.
Why we're shutting down

Cartoon Elements was born in the wake of over-saturated marketplaces underserving the artists that they represent. We wanted to create a targeted place that catered better to a niche, a place to grow and share, a place to stand out. Our initial adoption exceeded expectations, but that initial excitement didn’t translate into a big enough pool of artists to attract enough customers to be sustainable. We're delighted by the rapid growth in the quality of our platform, driven by the great feedback from our community. At the same time, we've been racing against a clock of ever-diminishing funds. Our users are extremely passionate, but after pursuing every possible path, we no longer have a sustainable avenue forward. Without sufficient capital to continue to serve you better, we've decided to move forward in the best possible manner for everyone. As a result, we are deeply saddened to have to say goodbye. With this in mind, we'd like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this effort and wish you well on your future projects!

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